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Our History

In the late 1940's and early 1950's, some Lodges in the Province of Sussex had over 100 members. Progression to the Master's Chair was not guaranteed and it certainly took quite a long time for Brethren to achieve the most rewarding offices.

Tyrian Lodge No. 1110 had 110 members in 1950, and a number of Brethren of that distinguished old Sussex Lodge were concerned enough to do something about it. The first meeting of our founders took place on 11th August 1950. There were 11 Brethren present, and at that meeting it was decided that Tyrian should be asked to be the sponsoring Lodge, and that W.Bro. Sydney Addison should be asked to be the Charter Master of the new Lodge. W.Bro. Addison's portrait now adorns the ante-room at our Temple in South Street. He was possibly the most prominent Mason in Eastbourne at that time.

It was decided that the number of founders should be limited to 25. Amongst the names suggested for this new Lodge were Devonshire, Saffrons, and Eastbourne. There were 10 candidates named for consideration as Initiates and within a month, all 25 founders had been chosen. The petition was presented to Tyrian Lodge on 30th October 1950.

At the consecration meeting, the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. The V.Revd A.T.A. Naylor DSO, OBE, MA. Dean of Battle, set a tradition in the Lodge by suggesting that the Masonic Temple in Eastbourne would not be big enough for the Consecration Ceremony, and therefore the Assembly Room at the Town Hall was booked.

Eastbourne Lodge was consecrated on 1st February 1951. Over 300 Brethren attended the Ceremony, and our Installation Meetings have been held at the Assembly Room ever since. We are proud that we are the only Lodge in Eastbourne to do so, and to regularly have attendances which merit such a venue.

Extract from ‘The History of Eastbourne Lodge’

published in 2001 to commemorate our 50th Anniversary written by W.Bro. J.W.E. Howlett, AsstProvGM 1987-1994

Founders & First Officers

W.Bro. S.C. Addison Worshipful Master
W.Bro. N.C. Ashby Immediate Past Master
Bro. D.A. Raeburn Senior Warden
Bro. H. Waghorne Junior Warden
W.Bro. F.R. Duke Chaplain
Bro. W.J. Maine Treasurer
W.Bro. L.V. Hook Secretary
W.Bro. R.S. Chatfield Director of Ceremonies
Bro. J.H. Bolton Senior Deacon
Bro. G.G.A. Watts Junior Deacon
Bro. I. Rais Inner Guard
W.Bro. S. Sanders Asst. Director of Ceremonies
Bro. S.J. Glen Asst. Secretary
Bro. G.H. Goodwin Organist
Bro. J.W.G. Howlett Steward
Bro. W. Rogers Steward
Bro. L. Spencer Steward
Bro. A.E. Brownjohn Steward
Bro. E.T. Pulleng Steward
W.Bro. J.F. Buller  
W.Bro. E.T. Parker  
Bro. S. Heape  
Bro. J.D. Rubens  
Bro. J. Murray  
Bro. E.D. Williams  

Eastbourne Lodge No. 7057 Founders — 1st February 1951

Eastbourne Lodge No.7057 Founders

Back Row from left to right: Rais, Brownjohn, Buller, Rubens, Heape, Hook, Pulleng, Spencer, Parker, Williams, Murray, Rogers
Front Row from left to right: Bolton, Glen, Maine, Ashby, Raeburn, Addison, Waghorne, Duke, Chatfield, Watts, Sanders

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